Classroom Comments

Ron Lichty explaining developer responsibilities in class.

“I took my first class in Agile 15 years ago. I've never had a class as good as yours!” —Product VP, Moovweb

“That was hands down the best, most useful class I've taken.” —Founder and CEO, stealth startup

“I was inspired by the class you presented” —Program Manager, Google

“I learned more from your class than the Scrum Master certification class that I took two weeks earlier.” —Software Engineer, Fujitsu, Sunnyvale

“Excellent feedback from the engineers both on the training itself and very high marks for you as an engaging and hugely knowledgeable instructor.” —VP, MLS Listings

“Ron was an incredible instructor: knowledgeable, engaging, and capable of making the content relatable and actionable.” —General Assembly public class student

“Ron was awesome! He has such a wealth of experience and best practices to share, and is a consummate professional. Would love to learn from him again!” —Product Manager, Engine Yard

“Such an amazing and interactive Agile class!” —Project Manager, Twitter

“Sharing real-work experiences, Ron Lichty motivates and activates learners. Super listening skills to answer attendee questions while keeping participants on track with fun, interactive exercises.” —Faculty Assistant Supervisor, University of California

“Great class Ron. Makes me want to dive deeper.” —Director, Electronic Arts

“I'm glad we started with principles as so few in the room (including myself) had been through them. It was more important than I realized. It helped us find our common foundation between departments, which there had been too little of.” —Product Manager, Credit Sesame

“I feel like I went to a revival. I got the agile spirit!” —Sales Engineer, Fujitsu, Texas

“Class was well structured and flowed nicely. Topics were covered in an appropriate order and one subject flowed nicely to the next. Ron clearly demonstrated a deep understanding, both of the scrum methodology, but also implementation traps and pitfalls. His answers to questions animated by the class work were always thoughtful and on point. Overall, the class was a great success for the team.” —Engineer, Engine Yard

“I got a lot out of your class and it really changed the way I got work done.” —General Assembly public class student

“Ron facilitated our learning in a meaningful way with the right level of examples to get to concrete actions we could work on right away.” —Product Management Director, Amdocs, Ottawa

“Thank you very much for the excellent class. It exceeded my expectations. I've heard people talking about pieces of it. We'll incorporate a lot of this material over time as well as follow up with you on next steps for the short term.” —VP Engineering, Platfora

“That was awesome.” —Engineering Director, Splunk

“It's quite obvious that you left a very positive and indelible impression. Everyone speaks very highly of the training they received.” —Agile Coach, Fujitsu, Texas

Ron moving agile modules across a learning card wall.

“My team and I very much enjoyed the day with you and the class. You made the subject so damn approachable. Well done! We're excited to put the spirit of agile development to work in the coming weeks.” —Designer/Web Developer, Napa

“I've taken this course and it's a great addition for any product person. Heartily recommend.” —Product Manager, NerdWallet

“Thank you so much for the training and expertise. It was an eye-opening experience.” —UX Designer, MLS Listings

“Thanks so very much for the effective agile/scrum trainings, they are playing far reaching impacts here.” —Sr. Director, Software Development, Fujitsu, Texas

“I learned a lot, got practical experience, and feel like I can go into work tomorrow and use what I know. That should be the standard.” —General Assembly public class student

“He was also a very good SCRUM coach, leveling the teams understanding while we converted from waterfall. He uses metaphors to explain, which is very effective educating style.” —Software Architect, m-Via

“I thought the class was extremely informative. I liked that you didn't necessarily have an answer for every question on the tip of your tongue; rather, you reflected on your experience and responded thoughtfully. I liked the patience that you exhibited while team members spoke amongst each other. The physical story cards are particularly important to the immersion aspect of the class. I quite liked the Planning Game exercise as well. I think the most important aspect of the class for Engine Yard was the ability for us to reflect on the current state of the company and compare it to what it ought to be.” —Software Engineer, Engine Yard

Ron Lichty: "And at the end of class, we

“Ron was an excellent instructor. The quality of his class exceeded my expectations and I learned a lot. His expertise was evident and he was so personable. The training went by quickly!” —General Assembly public class student

“Many folks shared positive reaction and feedback from the session, time well spent for sure!” —Senior Program Manager, Platfora

“Awesome class. The best one I've had at General Assembly. Great balance of theory & practice. Ron is a great instructor.” —General Assembly public class student

“I recommended Ron to lead a scrum training course for my colleagues in platform engineering at Moovweb. Ron's creative hands-on approach to team education kept everyone engaged throughout two full days, and his quick and well-reasoned responses to the questions the team brought up addressed their concerns well. The team was left with a solid grasp of the fundamentals of scrum, and a new enthusiasm to apply the principles we were shown. Other teams at the company were so impressed with the results, and the feedback we had about our experience with Ron, that they brought Ron back to train them as well.” —Scrum Master, Moovweb

“Best 2 days I’ve spent in a class in a long, long time.” —Manager, Customer Training, Fujitsu, Texas

“I wish I had been able to bring you into my last company!” —SVP Engineering, Cadreon

“That was awesome.” —Engineering Director, Splunk

Ron Lichty explaining retrospectives in agile class