Clients and Colleagues Say It Best

“Ron helped us become a better company offering a better product.” —Logic Library

Ron Transforms Chaos to Clarity

Times like these call for flexible, agile software development leadership. What does your company need?

Transforming chaos to clarity

I bring focus and solutions to every kind of organizational challenge:

Challenge Solution
Prior product took nine times budgeted resources Repaired requirements, planning, roadmap processes to deliver subsequent products on time and to budget
Product lagging by months, no delivery in sight Devised plan to instigate early delivery then iterate
Agile process faltering due to remote QA Aligned teams, established trust, synchronized more frequent communication
Scalability stymied by sluggish data integration Coached developer to “see” order-of-magnitude fix
Productivity bridled by uncertainty Produced technology and product roadmaps to crystallize the future
Client projects limited by order-taking mentality Coached team leads to propose customer solutions
New-product team mired in next-generation technology research Forged cross-function ties to convert learnings into winning products
Sales gyrations giving product team whiplash Delivered Agile training, coached product team to leverage frequent delivery
Critical next-generation product envisioned but stuck Pulled committed but siloed individuals into a collaborative product team

I'm a software development and product executive who helps companies from startups to the Fortune 100 struggling to deliver software solutions transform chaos to clarity and make their software development "hum". Since 1990, I have hired, managed and scaled teams and organizations of all sizes in companies ranging from tiny startups to the Fortune 500.

Since 2002, I have consulted with teams working in Java, Microsoft, and open source technologies to make them more effective at development and delivery. My track record includes:

In other words, I make software development predictable and reliable.